Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

You love each other, you enjoy being with each other, and you want everybody to know. You are together and proud of achieving another year with one another.

Isn't that worth celebrating ? You have a ready made excuse for calling all your friends and family together for a day and / or an evening of fun and excitement.

There is no reason in the world why you should have to limit yourselves to the "official" anniversaries like Silver, Pearl, Gold and so on. What's wrong with celebrating your Paper Anniversary, Your Leather Anniversary or your Coral Anniversary? See below for your own particular anniversary and then contact Kristin to discuss the ceremony!

Years Anniversary
1 Paper
2 Cotton
3 Leather
4 Linen
5 Wood
6 Iron
7 Wool
8 Bronze
9 Pottery
10 Tin
11 Steel
12 Silk
13 Lace
14 Ivory
15 Crystal
20 China
25 Silver
30 Pearl
35 Coral
40 Ruby
45 Sapphire
50 Gold
55 Emerald
60 Diamond
70 Platinum
80 Oak

If you manage all those , you are entitled to name your own -