Frequently asked questions

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Legal Civil Ceremonies :

Can you marry us legally ?

No , in England and Wales you can only have a legal civil ceremony in a Register Office or an Approved Venue


I live abroad - how do I get married legally in the UK ?


Can I get legally married on the beach ?

No , at present UK law does not allow legal ceremonies to take place on the beach , or anywhere else outside


Can I get legally married any time of the day ?

No , under UK law you can only get legally married between the hours of 8am and 6pm


How long is a legal civil ceremony ?

It depends a little on how much you are willing to pay , but usually anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour


Can I include religious things in a civil ceremony ?

No , nothing which has an association with any religion can be included in a civil ceremony


Can I have a blessing immediately after a civil ceremony ?

This is a bit tricky . You most certainly can't , if you are getting married in a Register Office . The rules for Approved Venues say you may be able to to , if there is a clear distance between the timing of the two ,but no venue can allow it as a general rule , if they wan't to keep their licence for civil weddings


Cornish Ceremonies created and conducted by Kristin :

Do you do Naming Ceremonies for children ?

Most definitely , see the page called Naming Ceremonies


Do you do Gay Weddings ?

Most definitely , see the pages for Gay Weddings and Civil Partnership


Do we have to be Pagans to have a Handfasting Ceremony ?

There is nothing exclusively Pagan about Handfasting , but you are welcome to include some Pagan aspects , if you would like to

How long do the cords or ribbons have to be in a Handfasting ?

About a metre - or just over three feet works well


How much do you charge ?

It depends on where , when , and what type of ceremony you want


Do you only do ceremonies in Cornwall ?

Not at all - as far as I'm concerned , you can have your ceremony anywhere you choose within the known universe , as long as you are willing to pay my travel and subsistence costs


How do we get you to create a ceremony for us ?

All you have to do is to email or telephone me , tell me what you would like to include , and send me a deposit to confirm your booking


Where can we have our ceremony ?

See my answer to : Do you only do ceremonies in Cornwall ?


What time can we have our ceremony ?

The choice is entirely yours


What sort of input can we have ?

As much or as little as you want to


Can we include religious readings and hymns ?

You can include anything you like , within reasonable ethical , moral and time limits


How long are your ceremonies ?

It depends on what you want - on average about half an hour . If you want to combine a Naming Ceremony with a Wedding Celebration or a Handfasting for example , it will obviously be longer than a single ceremony


Can we combine a Wedding Celebration or a Handfasting with a Naming Ceremony ?

You are most welcome to combine any selection you choose


Do we have to live in the UK to be able to have one of your ceremonies ?

No . If you want to have your ceremony in the UK , we can make most of the preliminary arrangements by phone or email , and then meet to finalise your ceremony , when you arrive in this country.

If you want your ceremony to be abroad , the preliminary arrangements would be the same , and then we would meet once or twice , after I arrived in the country , where you want your ceremony to be