Civil Funerals

When someone dies, a great many decisions have to be made, one of which is what kind of funeral to choose.

Until recently, the only options were either a religious or a humanist ceremony. Now there is another - the civil funeral - which is usually mainly non-religious, but can include some religious elements, if you so wish.

A civil funeral ceremony by Kristin Arundel is designed to reflect your wishes for the celebration of the life of someone special and can be held anywhere, in a place of your choosing.

"I couldn't have asked for anything better. It was exactly what my wife would have wished "

Some years ago, I received this letter from a gentleman, after I conducted his wife's funeral. When he himself died, a couple of years later, his daughters asked me to do the same for him. Afterwards, they wrote:

We, the family, were very happy with the whole ceremony. In particular the words chosen by the celebrant for the committal part of the ceremony were particularly beautiful and sensitive.

Comments from other funerals include:

All our contact with the funeral celebrant was helpful, sensitive and kind. The ceremony was personal and much enjoyed by family and friends. I hope that my own despatch will be as good. I have recommended you to all.


You did a wonderful job. I don't know how I would have managed without you. A number of people who were there have said it was the best funeral service they'd been to, and would like the same for themselves.

I promise to create a unique and memorable funeral ceremony, designed to reflect the life and ideas of the person who has died.

I will collect as much information as possible from family members and friends, to make sure that my eulogy or tribute is accurate.

You may wish to include religious or spiritual elements, music to create the right. atmosphere, readings of special importance and spoken contributions from members of the family and friends.

Contact me, or ask your funeral director to get in touch for you. I will arrange to meet you to discuss the content of the ceremony and to explain all the options available to create a unique funeral, incorporating the readings, music, and words you choose to commemorate the person , who has died.