Gay Wedding Celebrations

A gay or lesbian wedding (also known as a civil partnership) celebration ceremony is a chance for you and your partner to gather together with your families and friends in beautiful surroundings, and make a public demonstration of your commitment to one another. Kristin Arundel has conducted many such ceremonies over the years, as David Hay recalls:

When our daughter told us, that she had found someone special, we felt so sorry on their behalf, because they wouldn't be able to have a proper celebration of their relationship. You did them, and us, proud. All of us were trying to hold back the tears, as they made their vows to each other and exchanged rings. Thank you so much for a ceremony we will never forget.

Civil partnership ceremony

See the Civil Partnership for more information on the different types of ceremony I can provide for you.

Celebrating your civil partnership

If you have already signed your civil partnership contract , in the UK or abroad, you can celebrate that commitment at one of several beautiful locations in Cornwall. See the Cornwall Celebration of Civil Partnership Abroad page for more details.

Gay wedding promises

You may want to write your own vows and promises to each other, or choose one of the example promises shown on the Civil Partnership Promises page.

Your ceremony

You can contact Kristin through this site to talk about what you would like for your own civil partnership or gay wedding celebration ceremony

This is what Jacquie and Mabel wrote after their ceremony in 2010:

We both want to thank you so much for making our wedding celebration the most wonderful day The beautiful words chosen & your special presentation of them touched our hearts & the hearts of everyone of our guests
Thank you for making our day so memorable - we will remember it with our friends & family