Jumping the Broom and the Sword

There have been many attempts at explaining the origins and exact meaning of jumping the broom and / or / the sword as a commitment ceremony for a couple

Most cultures have evolved these two tools at some stage , and the custom of decorating them with ribbons and flowers for use in a ceremonial context is common to many . It may indeed have originated in different areas , perhaps for different reasons and therefore being given different symbolic values in each place

The broom is associated with hearth and home , with sweeping away unwanted debris , and with women's role in general

The sword , of course , is the masculine equivalent , but is also a symbol of clearing a way through obstacles

If you choose to include the jumping over the broom and the sword in your handfasting ceremony , the celebrant will use the broom to sweep your past away behind you and then lay it down diagonally before you

She will raise the sword high , turn it in a complete circle to carve you a symbolic entry into your joint future and lay it down across the broom

You will then be invited to join hands and step over the obstacles on your path to that future

Kristin has a sword and a broom among her collection of handfasting implements . If you do not , she will be happy to use hers during your ceremony