Music for Civil Funerals

The music chosen for a funeral ceremony should express not only the spirit and memories of the person who has passed on, but also the feelings of their family and friends. The person who has died may have expressed a wish for a particular piece of music to be played at their funeral, or may have had a favourite piece which you feel would be appropriate. In addition, there are many popular and timeless songs and pieces of classical music which create just the right atmosphere.

In general , there are several points during a ceremony, where a piece of music can enhance the mood you wish to create.

First of all, it can be helpful to play music during the time friends and family are gathering in the place you have decided to hold the ceremony.

Secondly, if the coffin is to be carried in, the right piece of music is important to set the tone for what is to follow.

Thirdly, some special music, or a song for all to join in, can emphasise a particular aspect of the person, who has died.

Fourthly, if a cremation is to follow , some music can be played during the closing of the curtain in front of the coffin.

And, lastly, and most importantly, what is played while family and friends are leaving, can have a great influence on the mood in which they reflect on what they have just experienced.

Contact Kristin to discuss the choice of funeral music and she will help you find the perfect accompaniment.