Naming Ceremony

Baby naming ceremony

A new member of your family, whether arriving by birth or adoption, is worth celebrating, and now there is an new option available for those who, for whatever reason , do not want to have their child formally entered into any specific religion, for example by baptism, but who would like to celebrate a new arrival with a welcoming ceremony of some kind.

It is a wonderful way of drawing friends and family into a circle of guardianship and protection for your child.

Eva Grace at the Mt.Edgcumbe Orangery

Naming ceremony promises

You may wish to include promises to the child from one or both parents and grandparents, if appropriate, as well as friends and relatives, whom you would like to take an active role as responsible adults in the child's life, similar to godparents. See some examples of naming promises on the naming ceremony promises page.

You may wish to emphasize and explain your child's names, and the reasons you chose them

Perhaps you would like a family member, a friend, or a relative, to read something suitable, to sing a song, or to play a piece of music especially chosen by you.

Findy at the Eco Park

Incorporating the giving of a present to the child, by the parent/s, grandparents, brother/s or sister/s, can also be a very effective way of welcoming him or her into your family.

There are so many options for you to choose from to help me to create a unique celebration around the arrival of your child. Contact me to find out more.