Naming Ceremony Music

Music is a most effective creator of atmosphere and mood. The choice of music is intensely personal, because we all have an individual opinion of what music we like.

Sometimes a song or a tune, which is special to you or your family, can be most effective and meaningful of all. You may want to listen carefully to the words though , in case some parts are not right for the occasion. If so, you could try using an instrumental version.

You can choose a piece of music to be sung by all present, or perhaps you have a friend or a family member, who is a singer or a musician. Background music for the whole of the ceremony is also a possibility, but only at a level low enough to allow the ceremony to be heard.

Here are a few general suggestions:

Four Seasons by Vivaldi - first section " Spring "

All Things Bright and Bautiful

Morning has Broken

Brahms - Lullaby

Away in a manger


Welcome to the World