Naming Ceremony Promises

Naming ceremony promises are a way for parents, grandparents and other members of the family to express their commitment to love and care for the child. Ceremonies welcoming children into a family often include many different kinds of naming promises. The people who are making the promises, may choose to say them either separately , on their own , or together with others , who are making the same promise. Alternatively, the celebrant will say the promise, in which case, all the person needs to say is : " I do ".

Parents can make naming promises to each other and to their child.

Grandparents can do the same and so can other members of the family, as well as your friends.

As with godparents in a baptismal ceremony, most non-religious parents like their children to have special people in their lives to give them help and support when they need it. These supporting adults, who can be entirely of your own choosing, should also make their naming promisesto the child.

Here are some examples of naming ceremony promises :

Parents' promises to the child

  • ( Name of child )
    I/We promise to teach you honesty, generosity of spirit and tolerance for others


  • ( Name of child
    I/We promise to try to be realistic in my / our hopes for your future
    and to accept the choices you make as you grow up


  • ( Name of child )
    I/We promise to keep you and clothe you
    shelter and protect you
    love and support you as long as you need
    to the best of my / our ability


  • ( Name of child )
    I/We will surround you with love and affection
    make as sure as I / We can that no harm comes to you
    and throughout my /our lifetime, always be there for you
    whenever you need me /us


Grandparents' promises

  • I / We promise as grandparents before you all
    that I / We will give ( Name of child ) the same love and support I / We always gave our children


  • I / We look forward to being part of ( Name of child )'s life
    and I / We promise to use my / our experience of life to enhance ( Name of child )'s development


Supporting adults' promises

  • (Name of child )
    I promise to support you in all that you do
    to inspire your imagination
    and to help you fulfill your dreams


  • ( Name of child )
    I promise to be an ear to listen
    a voice to advise
    and a pair of arms that will always have a hug waiting when it's needed
    and sometimes when it's not


  • ( Name of child )
    I promise to bring out your creative side


  • (Name of child )
    I promise to encourage and support your talents to the best of my ability


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