Music is a uniquely powerful way of expressing and communicating emotion. This will be your ceremony and your day, so it is up to you to choose the perfect music to express how you feel. Kristin will spend time with you to discuss what kind of music you feel suits the occasion, and her years of experience will help you decide what will help to create the right ambience and what won't.

Music can be used in so many ways in a ceremony. It can be very welcoming for your guests to have some music playing for perhaps half an hour before your ceremony is due to begin.

The you have to decide whether you want either or both of you to make a formal entrance . If you do, you then need to decide whether you would like to come in separately, perhaps with a father, a mother, a best man or whoever . You could also come in together . Every one of these decisions can be important, when it comes to choosing the most effective music.

A solo performance by a singer or singers, or musicians, can be decidedly atmospheric, in the right place - or possibly a low background music to the the whole ceremony.

And then, of course, you need to think how you would like to finish your ceremony. Will you want to stay among your guests , or will you walk out together ? Each of these decisions can influence you choice of music, to enhance and emphasise the effect you would like to create.

Contact Kristin to talk about the music for your perfect ceremony.