Renewal of Vows

How often, these days, do you remember to say "I love you" to each other? Reaffirmation of wedding vows is a way to share and make public your feelings for one another, and you can renew or reaffirm your vows at any time.

Would you like to celebrate your time together, in a way which draws in your family and friends, to strengthen and reinforce the love you share ?

Would you like a bespoke ceremony created especially for, and around, the two of you, to bring back memories of what you have shared during your years together ?

Have you struggled through hard times, financially, physically or emotionally, for whatever reason ? Would you like to look back at how you coped, and forward to see how you will be able to use what you have learned from those experiences ?

Or would you just like a good excuse to celebrate your life and love ?

If you do, think first of a good place - it could be the place you first met, where you got engaged , your own garden , or anywhere else you think would make a fabulous setting for a wonderful ceremony to remind you why you decided to share your life with each other .

Next , get in touch with Kristin Arundel.

Kristin Arundel is a highly experienced celebrant, who can create an unforgettable and unique way for you to remind each of you just how much you love each other, tailored around your memories and incorporating your own special choices of words, vows, readings and music. You can even order your own renewal of vows invitations featuring stunning Cornish landscapes painted by local artists.

Contact Kristin to find out more.